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October 25, 2014 - 2nd Phoenix Auction
Date: Saturday, October 25
Preview: Friday October 24th, from 8am-5pm
Auction: Online: Tuesday October 21st through Saturday October 25th @ 7pm
Live: Saturday October 25, 2014, doors open at 7am, Auction starts at 8am
Checkout: All payments are due on the date of sale; late payment fees will apply to all outstanding balances beginning on the second work day following the auction (at Seller’s discretion). Storage fees will be charged for any item not removed by 3pm of the third work day following the sale, unless Sierra Management agrees to a different pickup policy for the particular auction. Please make sure you understand payment and pickup requirements for the items you are purchasing. Seller is not responsible for the safe keeping of items after payment has been made. To ensure the quality of your purchase, REMOVE YOUR ITEMS IMMEDIATELY.
Location: Phoenix, AZ
  Bidding Notice: A $200 CASH or DEBIT CARD* refundable deposit is required to register to bid, and a $500 CASH or DEBIT CARD* refundable deposit is required to register to bid on vehicles and/or heavy equipment. Acceptable payment types: cash, wire transfer, direct deposit, cashier’s check, debit*, or credit card. NOTE: Credit cards cannot be used to pay for vehicles.
* Debit cards qualifying for discounted Buyer’s Premium are non-reward consumer debit cards from major financial institutions ONLY. Cash discounts offered by Seller on all types of payments are at Seller’s sole discretion.
Description: • 200+ Vehicles • 200+ Firearms • Restaurant Equipment • Household Items • Consumer Electronics and More!
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